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The Solution to Cybersecurity Labor Shortages

Despite the continued growth of the global cybersecurity workforce, there remains a severe lack of qualified professionals to keep up with the demands placed on the industry. As the business world continues to move online, organizations all over the world face an unparalleled variety of cybersecurity threats. This trend, which shows no signs of slowing, means that the need for talented cybersecurity leaders is greater now than ever before. 

The problem? There simply is not enough cybersecurity talent with the skills that companies, especially Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs), need to ensure their systems and networks are adequately protected. Today, the cybersecurity sector faces unprecedented hiring challenges, with many companies struggling to find security leaders that have the experience required to deliver successful outcomes. 

In recent years, the cybersecurity industry has seen significant growth. A significant portion of this growth has been driven by outsourcing. Many organizations, including SMBs, are increasingly beginning to partner with external consultants that serve as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)

These external teams function as an extension of existing IT teams, enabling top-tier protection at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time cybersecurity team in-house. In this article, we’ll explain how partnerships like this serve as the perfect solution to the cybersecurity labor shortage and share what to expect when working with an MSSP like Tech Heads

The Cybersecurity Workforce: An Overview

Studies from 2022 estimate that the global cybersecurity workforce now numbers some 4.7 million professionals; a significant 11.6% increase on the previous year’s numbers. Hundreds of thousands of new cybersecurity professionals join this workforce each year, but despite this, demand continues to outstrip supply. 

As companies compete to recruit and retain top cybersecurity talent, the salaries commanded by cybersecurity professionals continue to rise. Per, Cybersecurity Engineers command an average salary of around $141,000—well over two and a half times the average U.S. salary of $54,000. 

Since cybersecurity represents such a lucrative career path, many young professionals are setting their sights on the industry. But earning the qualifications required to work in cybersecurity takes time. Most cybersecurity professionals have a degree in Computer Science and experience working in other areas of IT closely related to cybersecurity. 

These facts mean that the cybersecurity labor shortage isn’t going away anytime soon. And business leaders cannot afford to wait. To ensure that your company’s systems remain secure, you need to act today––not a few years down the road when there is a more well-developed cybersecurity workforce. 

The Challenge: Building a Successful Cybersecurity Team

Companies in practically every industry have a clear need to invest in cybersecurity. Failing to make adequate investments in protecting your business against attacks can result in huge risks that can pose an existential risk to any business––big or small. These risks range from financial damages suffered from ransomware attacks to the potential reputational damage of suffering from a customer data breach. 

Effectively protecting your organization from all of these threats demands a sophisticated approach to cybersecurity. Large organizations have entire departments dedicated to cybersecurity, staffed with vastly experienced professionals that use best-in-class technology to secure their firm’s networks against attacks. But for many SMBs, that kind of cybersecurity firepower can feel out of reach. 

Setting aside the fact that cybersecurity professionals are expensive and in high demand, there’s also the issue of resourcing these teams. To be successful, cybersecurity professionals need to leverage advanced technologies including managed detection and response software, threat intelligence tools, and more. The costs of all these solutions can add up quickly, causing many leaders to view their cybersecurity teams as a cost center, rather than a valuable investment in safeguarding their business. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution to these challenges: working with a Managed Security Service Provider like Tech Heads. 

The Solution: Partner with a Managed Security Service Provider

By working with a Managed Security Service Provider, SMBs can leverage the skills and experience of cybersecurity specialists at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal team.  These external consultants function as an extension of a business’s internal IT team, providing both strategic direction and ongoing operational support.  

In essence, MSSPs enable businesses to outsource their cybersecurity needs. They manage a wide variety of security tasks, from administering employee security awareness training to providing dedicated Microsoft 365 Security. You may see MSSPs referred to as Cybersecurity as a Service (CSaaS)

The IT consultants that work for MSSPs often possess specialized areas of expertise that enable them to serve a broad spectrum of cybersecurity tasks on behalf of their clients, from identifying vulnerabilities to defining cybersecurity policies. These professionals spend all day working on cybersecurity infrastructure, often have years of experience, and are very familiar with the best technologies and procedures that organizations should adopt to promote increased levels of security.

Tech Heads: A Proven Cybersecurity Partner

At Tech Heads, we’re proud to provide managed cybersecurity services to a wide range of organizations, including healthcare providers, government, and retailers. Our managed cybersecurity service, ThInc OpsTM is a complete solution purpose-built to enable companies to meet accepted cybersecurity standards. 

Here are a few examples of the cybersecurity tasks that can be outsourced to a managed cybersecurity service like Tech Heads:

  • System Monitoring: Automated monitoring software continuously scans your systems to detect any anomalous events that might indicate a security incident. 
  • Alerts: Our team reviews security alerts and blocks any actions that your organization’s cybersecurity policies do not allow. 
  • Patching & Maintenance: We keep your systems updated and protected against the latest threats by routinely addressing security flaws and installing updates. 
  • Password Management: Adopt best practices for password management to minimize the opportunities for outside actors to breach your systems. 
  • End User Support: Our team supports your employees on a day-to-day basis, freeing you up to focus on running your business. 
  • Incident Support: In the event of a security breach, we’ll support you by providing the tools and processes required to quickly address any issues. 
  • Endpoint Protection: With a range of advanced technologies, including anti-spyware, personal firewalls, and other host intrusion technologies, our team will ensure your employees’ devices remain secure. 
  • And More: Tech Heads isn’t just a managed cybersecurity service provider. We also have expertise in helping organizations define cybersecurity policies, delivering employee security awareness training, and procuring IT hardware and software

By partnering with Tech Heads, you can gain peace of mind knowing your cybersecurity infrastructure is designed in direct alignment with industry best practices. A partnership with our experienced team of cybersecurity experts enables SMBs to directly address their cybersecurity hiring challenges and adopt a proactive approach toward securing their systems. 

Interested in learning more about working with Tech Heads to solve your cybersecurity labor challenges? Call (503) 486-4148 or contact us today to learn more about how we can support your organization. 

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